Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

It's a sleepy, not quite rainy Sunday afternoon, and I am really loving the weather today.  It's overcast and cool, but there's no actual rain expected today.  It's my favorite kind of weather.

I watched the ladies' free skate yesterday in the World Figure Skating Championships.  Miki Ando of Japan won, and she had a really wonderful performance.  Yu-Na Kim came in second, and she donated all of her prize money to Japan.  I thought that was a lovely gesture.  Carolina Koster came in third -- I was really happy for her.  I also got to see Davis and White win the gold in Ice Dancing!  I really wasn't expecting that.  I knew they'd have a great performance, but I thought Virtue and Moir would edge past them.  V&M had a really impressive performance, too -- I really enjoyed it.  But in the end, Virtue and Moir came in second and the brother-sister Shibutani team came in third.  The performances were great all around.

I am now going to go visit my favorite figure skater's website -- a figure skater whose name will remain a secret ;)

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